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Black Solid Nail Polish Strips Opaque Nail Wraps Stickers Press On Plain Color 01

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  • Nail Polish Strips 16-strips made with Real Nail Polish and will lasts up to 10 days if applied properly.
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • No Dry time, no heat just simply clean with prep pads and male sure to take the film off and select desired size for your fingernails and file excess with a nail file.
  • Material: Environmental ink; environmental glue; PET film 
  • Extremely durable surface
  • Color: Black
  • Can be removed with Nail Polish Remover. Top coat can be applied on top for longer wear
  • Can be applied on your natural nail or acrylic nails, nail tips, etc.
  • Get perfect polish every time!
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Usage Instructions:
  1. Clean / buff nail with prep pad
  2. Select desired size for your fingernail
  3. Remove nail polish strip from film
  4. Place on top of nail and file excess with a nail file
  5. Optional to apply top coat on top of it for longer wear
  6. Can be removed with nail polish remover when you're ready to put on a new set