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4D Eyebrow Temporary Tattoo 10 Pair 1 Sheet Fake Eyebrows Long Lasting BLACK-06

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Water-based Hair-like Authentic Eyebrow Temporary Tattoo Waterproof Cosmetics Long Lasting Makeup False Eyebrows Stickers

It is very convenient and easy to use.
You can create your own unique eyebrow shape.
For those without eyebrows or with thin eyebrows, who want perfect eyebrows everyday.

How to use:
1. First cut off a pair of eyebrow stickers, try to cut off the edges of the eyebrows, do not leave too much blank space.
2. If you have eyebrows, use olive oil or petroleum jelly to push down the eyebrows and make them stick to your skin.
3. Strip the eyebrow sticker. The side of the tear film is fixed in a brow shape. Don't move it. Soak the water with a damp sponge or brush, then press and hold for a few seconds.

This product is suitable for thin eyebrows or eyebrows after shaving. It is not recommended to use on thicker eyebrows.

Quantity: 1 Sheet
Size: About 148*210MM